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Benefits and advantages of using a bearing heater to mount a bearing

2018-11-01 15:46:21

First, open fire heating

Open fire heating usually has the following problems:

1. Time-consuming and laborious, high work intensity and high loss;

2, destroying the initial lubrication state of the bearing itself, easily causing accidents;

3, the heating temperature is uncontrollable, usually due to excessive temperature caused by bearing annealing;

4, uneven heating causes bearing deformation and damage;

5. There are certain security risks.

Second, the bearing heater

Working principle: The alternating current is used to generate an alternating magnetic field, and the alternating magnetic field is used to generate an eddy current to rapidly heat the metal workpiece. Therefore, the bearing heater is also called an induction heater.

During the heating process, the temperature rises only by the metal part of the heated workpiece. The heater itself and the non-metallic part of the heated workpiece (sealing ring, lubricant, etc.) do not heat up, so the bearing heater can be used to heat the belt seal. Bearings and pre-lubricated bearings.

1. High heating efficiency, safe and convenient;

2. The heating temperature can be set, and the heating temperature can be controlled to prevent the bearing annealing damage due to high temperature;

3. The heating method is non-contact type, the heating temperature is uniform, and the bearing deformation problem caused by uneven heating is eliminated.

Benefits and advantages of using a bearing heater to mount a bearing