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great range mud pump bearing

2018-06-15 17:40:58

A mud pump is a machine that delivers a rinsing fluid such as mud or water to a borehole during a drilling process. Mud pump is an important part of drilling machinery equipment. Its main function is to drill the mud with the drill bit and inject it downhole during the drilling process, to cool the drill bit, clean the drill tool, fix the shaft wall, drive the drill, and bring the rock debris back to the ground after drilling. In the commonly used positive circulation drilling, the mud pump is to flush the surface flushing medium-water, mud or polymer rinse under a certain pressure, through the center hole of the high pressure hose, faucet and drill string and directly to the bottom of the drill bit to achieve Cools the drill bit, removes the cut rock debris and transports it to the surface. The commonly used mud pump is piston type or plunger type. The power machine drives the crankshaft of the pump to rotate. The crankshaft drives the piston or plunger through the crosshead to reciprocate in the pump cylinder. With the alternating action of suction and discharge valves, the purpose of pressure feed and circulating rinse liquids is achieved.
Overview of the drilling rig: The drilling rig is the main machine that completes the drilling construction. It drives the drilling tool and drill bit to drill deep into the formation, and completes the auxiliary work such as starting and lowering the drilling tool and casing, extracting the core, and replacing the drill bit through the elevator on the drilling rig. The main function of the pump is to deliver flushing fluid to the hole to clean the bottom of the hole, cool the drill bit, and lubricate the drilling tool.
The purpose and construction object of the rock and soil boring and digging project are different, so there are many kinds of rigs. Drills can be classified according to their purpose, such as core drilling rigs, oil drilling rigs, hydrogeological investigations and well drilling rigs, engineering geology exploration rigs, tunnel rigs and construction rigs.