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Spherical roller bearing

2018-07-12 18:13:35

Why use a self-aligning bearing?
1. For the bearing housing, it is not a place where the shaft center of the shaft is not high.
2. The shaft is easily subjected to load and bending deformation occurs.
3. Thermal deformation at high temperature
4, the wheel on the shaft, the running reference plane is not flat.
5, can withstand relatively large radial loads, can withstand a certain axial load.
the difference
Low speed, heavy duty conditions, suitable for spherical roller bearings
High speed, light load conditions for self-aligning ball bearings
Needle point of needle roller bearing and cylindrical roller bearing
1. Withstand large radial loads
2. These two kinds of bearings have poor axial positioning ability and are often used together with deep groove ball bearings.
3, can run at high speed
1, needle bearing, only suitable for space-constrained devices
Thrust ball bearing
1, can withstand relatively large axial loads
2, can not be used for radial positioning, so it needs to be used with deep groove ball bearings.
The common point of tapered roller bearing and angular contact bearing
1, can withstand relatively large axial and radial forces
2, used in pairs
Tapered roller bearings have large bearing capacity, and angular contact bearings have small bearing capacity.
Speed: low cone speed, high angular contact speed
Why do you have a play?
1. The shaft generates heat during operation, especially at high temperatures and high speeds. Will become longer and bend.
2, high-speed, high-temperature working conditions, axial positioning, must have a reasonable clearance.
When designing the bearing end cap, pay attention to the problem point.
1. Operating conditions should be considered dustproof, waterproof and sealed.
2, dustproof, low-speed felt seal, high-speed can consider other seals
3, in order to waterproof, anti-lubrication, we use the skeleton oil seal.
4, the state of pressure, consider the combination of mechanical seals, the second, O-rings can be used.
5. The tolerance of the gland of the gland.